Most common breakdowns in an Air Conditioner

One of the main factors of the environment in human life is the weather. The temperature control has worked to make any space a comfortable place, so that, the climatizing from air conditioners and heaters has become an essential part of the adaptation of rooms. When the air conditioners fail, a high level of stress is likely to be generated, however, there are multiple faults that can occur such as

common signs of a broken Air Conditioner 

The device does not produce cold air

This is one of the most common failures, the equipment turns on correctly, the fans work and emits air, but it is not cold, so it tends to make the user more desperate. When this happens, it may be due to failures with the compressor, lack of gas or even problems with the thermostat.


The unit does not turn on

First, the power source must be verified, if there is confirmation of available power, other more complex possibilities arise, such as the system’s motherboard -in new unities-, a blown fuse or failures with the circuit breaker.

The compressor does not turn on

If the compressor does not produce any sound or movement, it might be caused by the disconnection of power supply, maybe the power does not reach the compressor or the energy is not enough to work it out. On the other hand, it may also be due to some mechanical breakdown of the piece.

Lack of gas

Even if this problem might be linked to other flops and also might be causing other additional failures, the lack of gas wears the unit, causing the equipment to “strain” and other parts begin to break down. Many times, the gas level decreases due to some leakage or lack of recharge.

The device turns on and off frequently

One of the most frequent causes is the bad adjustment of the thermostat othe installation of a very powerful unit in a very small room. In this way, the air conditioning fails to humidify the environment and the temperature regulation conflicts.

Water dripping from the front panel

It usually happens when there are obstacles in the drainage system of the device or when there is a disparity in the compressor.

Pollution in the system

It is important to clean the air conditioning filter mesh frequently, that will allow the air flow to be constant.

Low voltage or incorrect voltage

This is produced by the error between the amperage or electrical connections in which the unit is linked.

Low condensing pressure

For air-cooled condensing units, it occurs when the pressure control system is malfunctioning or improperly adjusted.

check our technician advices

If your air conditioner has failures and you want to check it before calling for tech support, it’s important that you take the necessary safety measures considering that there are situations that can’t be solved by your own. However, here at Appliance Services United we will give you useful tips for these moments!

How to check our air conditioner safely?

Before starting to carry out any sort of review, you must understand that you will be dealing with electrical equipment, it means that it will be energized. Then, you must wear insulating shoes, avoid being in contact with any liquid and be careful when you are touching any of the metal parts.
Check how the air conditioner looks
You should check if there is any unusual water leakage, also look if the fans are rotating correctly, verify if there is any improper configuration or if one of the parts is frozen.
Listen up for unusual sounds
A loud sound may represent the compressor misfunctioning or some mechanical breakdown in the equipment.


Touch -carefully- the unit, so you can check its temperature.<br />
If the console is hot, it can mean forced labor of the unit
Check if there is a different smell in the air emission
The smell of damp or burnt wires can help define the problem with the equipment. In the case of the burning smell, turn off the equipment immediately to avoid several failures.

let us do it for you!

If you want the proper functioning of your air conditioning units, it is important to keep on constant checks and maintenance. Therefore, Appliance Services United offers you several services that will help you to preserve your climatizing system.

Appliance Services United appreciate the life of your equipment, that’s why we can help you with the routine checking to prevent any trouble that may occur.

Based on the greatest efficiency and commitment, the Appliance Services United tech supporters’ team will carry out the designated revisions and adjustments so that your units have the best performance.

For the climatizing of spaces, the installation of air conditioners and ventilation equipment is essential. The installation mistakes of an air conditioner can damage your parts and generate several long-term problems, that’s why our Tech Support Team can help you from the beginning by the proper installing your air conditioner.


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  • Household electrical maintenance
  • other services


We do not recommend removing the cover or attempting to replace parts of the equipment, if not performed by a suitably qualified professional. They are also unplugged, you can receive significant specific electric shocks from the capacitor. Run-ins and injuries caused by parts inside the device can also occur.

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