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If your washing machine seems to be damaged and you try to reach out the main problem before asking for a tech supporter, we recommend to you following these steps, then you can realize how hard might be the problem, also if you actually need tech supporting.

Most Common Problems in a WASHING MACHINE



The main noise of an engine comes from the pump, the squeak of a belt or worn-out bathtub bearings. If your washer makes noise because an arm has been broken, the problem may be in the axis of a bearing, which is the replacement on which the basket rotates. You will see that it is because of the bearing because the basket will have a slack. It is normally recommended to change the seal at the same time as the bearings.


Find out the font of leaking, it might come from a damaged bomb, a shattered doors or even a broken valve of water income. It might be the pressure-valve band, which generates a little air compression that makes the pressure-valve to change. If the washer machine is getting filled up over the limits, we need to check out the if pressure bomb is clean

Does not shake

Performs the inspection of the different components, such as agitator teeth, coupler, transmission belt and transmission. The belts may not transmit the engine revolutions to the pulley and this will cause the washer to not discard water as it should or simply not to spin. That is why you must place the new one, To be completely sure it is checked with a capacimeter but in the absence of this it is best to place a new condenser with a professional and try

Does not start

This failure might be caused by the wrong functioning of main pieces such as switches, electronic controls and even thermic fusible.

Violent movements

If your washer machine gets rough by making violent movements without reason, you must check out the shock absorber functioning

There is no hot or cold water

It could be that the problem is in the thermostat, which is the replacement of appliances that regulates the temperature of the water in the washing machine. When it fails, the retainer is not working, which acts as a gasket that prevents water from leaking out of the washer.

Let us do it!

If you want to stay out of trouble, making sure that fixing your washer machine is going work in a quickly and cheap way, the best thing that you can do is trusting in our Tech Supporters. Here in Appliance Services United, we have full experience and we’ll help you by offering our services.

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the most frequent breakdowns

The washing machine does not turn on?

This problem might be located in three pieces: the programmer, the engine, or the belt. If you start a washing program that seems to work out correctly we can discard the programmer. If the engine makes the noise of turning on, but the drum still does not, then it will surely be the belt that connects the drum with the washer motor. Replacing the belt with a new one should suffice.

The drum rotates, but it does it irregularly or in a stumbling way?
Here the problem can be with both the belt and the motor. The most common is that the belt is loose, for having given in time, it is recommended that the technician proceed to its replacement, since it is possible that it will break in a short time.
Water does not enter?
The program works correctly and rotates, but it seems that not enough water enters. This may be due to a piece called a solenoid valve, which works like a tap, which gives way to water when the programmer indicates it. This solenoid valve usually fails due to accumulations of lime, or stops working due to an electrical failure. The safest thing is a professional in technical service will have to replace the solenoid valve.
Water does not come out?
If the washing machine does not drain, it can be for two reasons, the filter before the engine (if any) is clogged, or the water pump is damaged.
No program works or they work incorrectly?
This is undoubtedly the failure of the programmer. The programmer is an electromechanical system that, according to the washing program, manages the various processes that comprise it. You can be a fault in the environment of the control module, the most recommended in this case is to call a professional.
The washing machine gives me discharges?
This does not have to be a fault, it is very likely that the washing machine does not have an earth connection where it is plugged in. In this case you can go to your trusted electrician to verify the grounding.

Advice of professional technicians

Always, always, always use detergent made for high efficiency machines, and use the minimum amount (more is not necessarily better). Regular detergents produce much more foam, and over time, a film can build up on the drum and hoses that becomes a lime broth, and can even damage the mechanics.

The washing machine is one of the most likely appliances to break down, as is the dryer and refrigerator. This is because it has moving parts, which increases the wear of the device much more quickly.



We DON’T recommend you to open the shell or change the washer’s parts by your own, please ask for a qualified professional management. Even unplugged, the condenser might generate dangerous electrical charges. Also,  you could be collided and harmed by the moving parts inside the washer machine.

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